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In a world of consumerism and disposable products, we aim to offer products that will last a lifetime. Each hand-made item brings a unique connection from nature into your home.



We create simple, elegant and functional products. Due to each product being handmade and the natural beauty of our timber, every piece is unique.

Our products are created in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia, all crafted from salvaged local timbers. They have been tried and tested for over 10 years in household and commercial kitchens.

All NAGTZAAM items are preserved with a food safe oil and/or bee's wax finish that highlights the natural elegance of the timber.


I aim to create beautiful items that last a lifetime 

by utilising and enhancing the characteristics of our native Western Australian timbers. 

I began my woodworking journey in the early 1970's working with my father building boats and furniture in his shed. I have fond memories of my first woodturning experience working on my fathers home-made wood lathe driven by an old drill.

Inspired by Japanese design, my work is now dominated by simple geometric forms.

I now enjoy using my 40+ years of experience of working with timber to hand-make products that people will appreciate everyday.

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